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Have you heard of CBE Group, Inc., Coast Professional, Inc. or ConServe? If you have unpaid tax debt, you could be hearing from one of these private collection agencies soon.

The IRS contracted with these three private-sector companies to collect overdue tax debt.

Yes. You read that right. Private collection agencies may be contacting you about your unpaid, overdue tax debt.

Have you ever had an everyday bill – like a credit card or medical bill – get kicked over to a collection agency? Not a pleasant experience, is it. Now, picture the collection agency working with the IRS. You know, the organization that will garnish your wages and even seize your property to collect on a tax debt – that IRS.


What to Expect …

Here’s how it will begin:worried couple, debt collection, tax debt, private collection agency, irs, taxes

  • You and your tax rep will get a letter saying that your account has been assigned to a private collection agency (PCA). Also included in that letter are the contact details for that PCA.
  • After you get that IRS notification, the private collection agency will send their own letter. Basically, this letter is confirmation that your account is now in the hands of the PCA.

The private collection agency contractors do have legal guidelines to follow and must still respect your taxpayer rights.

One thing the private collection agencies cannot do is take enforcement action against you. Enforcement Actions include things like issuing a levy or filing a notice of Federal Tax Lien. Only actual employees of the IRS can take enforcement action.

*Note – Even if you are contacted by one of these private collection agencies, payments must never be sent directly to the PCA.

You can review this PDF for additional information – What You Can Expect When the IRS Assigns Your Account to a Private Collection Agency.

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